Маловідомий унікальний парк в Колумбус, ОГ

There’s A Little Known Unique Park In Ohio… And It’s Truly Amazing

Nature in itself is a work or art, but what happens when nature mimics a work of art?

Few people know about the quaint, seven-acre park in Columbus that features one of Ohio’s most unique gardens, where art and plant life blend. The Topiary Park is a true hidden gem to those looking for something new to explore. Take a look at some of the unique sights to behold here:

Topiary Park is a “landscape of a painting of a landscape,” according to the park’s website. Specifically, the topiary garden depicts Georges Seurat’s famous painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of La Grand Jatte—and it is the only known topiary representation of a painting.

The garden features 54 human figures, eight boats, three dogs, a monkey and a cat. The tallest figure is 12 feet high, and all of them are made of yew.

Although the park was dedicated in 1992, the grounds were once home to the Ohio School for the Deaf. Visitors can learn about the history of the grounds throughout the park and at the gatehouse, which is home to the Visitor’s Center, a gift shop and restrooms. (It was built in chateau style, as it was meant to compliment the last remaining building from the Ohio School for the Deaf.)

Topiary Park continues to flourish via Friends of Topiary Park and individual donations. For more information about Friends of Topiary Park, click here.

Be sure to visit the park this summer, when the topiaries are a vibrant shade of green and the ducks are out and about. Topiary Park is located at 480 E Town St., Columbus, OH 43215.

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